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Sat 12th Oct
6.00pm James Doyle, Ard Ross, Anniversary

Sunday 13th
8.00am Cian Lennon, Mount Carmel, Recently Deceased
9.00am Rose, Josie & Jimmy Furness, Mary St. Anniversaries
10.00am Margaret & John Sutton, Shallows Park, Anniversary
12.00pm Peg Cleary, Neville St. Month’s Month

Mon 14th
8.00am The Furlong Family, Poulmounty, Anniversary
10.00am Toddy Brothers, Michael St. Anniversary

Tues 15th
8.00am Johnny Fortune & The Fortune Family, Cross St. Anniversaries
10.00am Nicholas Drohan, JKL Place, Anniversary

Wed 16th
8.00am Mass for the People
10.00am Peter & Annaleen Connolly, Monaghan, Anniversaries

Thurs 17th
8.00am Special Intentions
10.00am Matthew & Josephine O’ Neill, Newtown Commons, Anniversaries

Fri 18th
8.00am The O’Reilly & Flynn Families Anniversaries
10.00am James & Josephine Somers, Late of Haughton Place, Anniversary

Sat 19th
8.00am Michael & Johanna Hartley, Ard na Greine, Anniversaries
10.00am Parish Mass Association
6.00pm John Garraghie, Pondfields, Ann & Martin Droney & Margaret & Michael Garraghie Anniversaries

Sun 20th
8.00am Patrick Cleary, Ard na Greine & Lwr Michael St. & Theresa Cleary 3rd Anniversary 23rd Anniversary
9.00am Patrick C. Rossiter, Michael St. Anniversary
10.00am Noeleen Kehoe, Maudlins, 1st Anniversary
12.00pm Cian Lennon, Mount Carmel. Month’s Mind

Mass Bookings: We are now currently taking mass bookings up to and including March 2020.