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First Confessions &; First Holy Communions will be celebrated on four weekends in August according to the following plan detailed below:
For example: One class will meet in the Church on Wednesday the 5 th of August @ 7.00PM for a shot session to refresh our minds on the importance of what we are about to receive. This will be followed by individual First Confession. First Holy Communion will be received by this class on the following Saturday the 8 th of August @ 11.00am. The same pattern will be following for the other classes.

Programme of events in Church:

We will be in contact with parents regarding preparations that can be made at home. We will also do a short video to
show children what they, must do on the day.


Among the many disruptions to normal life that we have experienced since last March were in the area of the
preparation and celebration of the …’3 C’s’…in the lives of the children… FIRST CONFESSION, FIRST
These are among the first big family and public events in any child’s life. They are pleasant and very satisfying
days for you parents and guardians too; that little bundle of mystery and miracle you brought into the
world, carried into the Church for the first time for Baptism and have cared for, loved and nourished every day
since now takes his/her place independent of you with classmates as the next generation of young Christians.
The delay may have made the clothes tighter but hopefully not lessened the enjoyment of all involved.
These days are important for each child, for families and or the Parish. Our Christian journey begins at our
baptism when we are made member of God’s family. God guarantees to care for us as His children. He gives us
help (grace) at all important stages of our lives. That helps comes first through baptism, the through the ‘3Cs’
as we grow from babyhood to young teenagers. He continues his support of us all through life. Last Sunday
Jesus told us that in a very clear, simple few words ‘I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS, EVEN TO THE END OF TIME’. You
will find that guarantee repeated 365 times in the Bible- one for every day of the year. It sounds as if God
wanted to remind us of that every single day. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the habit of recalling that promise as

we wake up each morning? No matter what any day brings, we never have to face it alone. We hope that
families and Parish would live in the certainty of God’s support, with the same confidence we place in the love
and support of our human families.
Because of the C19 virus, our celebrations will have to be simpler and smaller than in previous years. Because
of restrictions on the numbers allowed, each class will receive the sacraments on different days– four
weekends for First Confession and First Holy Communion pupils and five weekends for confirmation classes.
Each child will be accompanied by four family members only (this number will be increased if restrictions are
lifted). Seating will be allocated by lottery and social distancing arrangements must be strictly followed.

First Holy Communion is organized through the schools in cooperation with the parish community and home.

The reception of this most Sacred Sacrament and Treasure of the Church assumes an active faith life on the part of the child’s parent(s)/ guardian(s).

Candidates for First Holy Communion must be baptized Catholics and at least one parent/guardian must be VERIFIABLY Roman Catholic i.e. Baptism Certificate.